Asset Management
Innovative Housing has more than 25 years of housing management experience. IHI has been operating and maintaining properties ranging in size from duplexes to 96-unit multifamily buildings since 1984. We began with a portfolio of single-family homes and duplexes in Northeast Portland and three group homes around the city. Between 1984 and 1991, IHI shifted its focus to multifamily housing and began developing apartment complexes using federal low-income housing tax credits.

IHI maintains its properties in compliance with various funding sources including: Low-Income Housing Tax Credits, Historic Tax Credits, Oregon Affordable Housing Tax Credits, HOME, CDBG, TIF, HELP, Oregon Housing Trust Fund, Housing PLUS, HOPWA, Federal Home Loan Bank of Seattle, and project-based Section 8 and McKinney rental assistance.

IHI has 19 years of experience as the managing general partner and tax matters partner of limited partnerships that own multifamily properties ranging in size from 40 to 236 units. IHI is responsible for hiring and supervising professional property managers, overall asset management, tax credit and other funder compliance and reporting, maintaining books and records for each property and partnership, hiring and working with auditors, and filing partnership tax returns.

IHI properties maintain an average occupancy rate of 98%. IHI's asset management work and a high-performing portfolio generate management fees that support IHI's operating budget. Our self-sustaining business model is at the core of IHI's operating philosophy and results in a level of financial independence and stability that has kept IHI in business for more than 25 years. A self-supporting housing portfolio also enables IHI to respond to housing needs in "innovative" ways without fear of losing critical funding - whether it be affordable homeownership opportunities, resident services, or special needs housing, IHI is well-positioned to proactively address unmet housing needs throughout the Portland region.