Financial Education and Support
"Working with Resident Services on my budget and spending has made my life so much less stressful. I can pay my bills on time and before I didn't know that I could."
Financial stability is the key to household stability. IHI has spent years developing a comprehensive financial education curriculum specifically for people with low incomes and households experiencing generational poverty. Recognizing that financial skills only get you so far when supporting a family on minimum wage, we also work with residents to increase their earning potential and to bridge funding gaps that could spiral into crises or result in lost opportunities.

Financial Education
IHI's Foundations for Financial Stability Program provides one-on-one financial education and counseling that includes identifying priorities and goals, developing a practical household budget, paycheck planning, and credit protection and repair. We also help residents increase their earning potential by enrolling in education or skills trainings and applying for better jobs. Read Irene's story to see how we helped her family manage their debt and keep their housing.

IHI's Financial Fitness and Asset Building Program provides rental assistance to a limited number of households that commit to participate in an education or job training program and work with Resident Services to develop positive money management skills and repair and build credit scores. Read Nancy's story and see how her life has changed after participating in this program.

Emergency Fund
IHI's Emergency Fund helps residents meet their basic needs and ensures that they do not miss critical opportunities because of financial obstacles. Resident Services staff can provide residents with a resource or even pay a bill when there are no other community resources available to meet their specific need. Read Alicia and Ben's stories to learn how the Emergency Fund helped them.

Employment Support
Resident Services staff work one-on-one with job seekers to improve job search skills, develop resumes, and strengthen interview skills. We work closely with local employment agencies to ensure that residents can access job-related trainings, education, and resources. We also provide direct resources such as interview clothing or work boots. Read Nadia and Eric's stories to see how this support can make a difference.