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Each spring, elementary and middle-school children at IHI properties unveil their art as a celebration of their participation in Innovative Expressions. IHI offers this year-long empowerment program to strengthen young voices, using art and storytelling as a mode of self-expression. Through the lens of a camera or the brush strokes of their latest self-portrait, youth share stories of family, school and community.

Innovative Expressions is part of Innovative Futures, IHI's comprehensive family and youth service program. IHI partners closely with parents, classroom teachers, school staff and community organizations to provide opportunities that increase the academic success and community engagement of resident youth. We provide a wealth of services directly to children, but we also focus on helping parents navigate the school system, service agencies, and other local organizations to strengthen their ability to advocate for their children. As part of Innovative Futures, IHI Resident Services staff volunteer at local schools, promote school activities, and attend school meetings with families. They also run homework clubs and summer literacy programs, coordinate tutoring and mentoring opportunities, organize field trips, and connect kids with nearby fun and engaging activities, events and classes.

Innovative Housing incorporates arts as a primary component of all our youth programs. Research consistently shows that arts engagement results in increased academic success, improved critical thinking and problem solving abilities, enhanced self-esteem, positive social skills, and emotional literacy. And kids create beautiful art!