Innovative Futures
Innovative Futures is designed to address all aspects of our resident children's lives. Our goal is to meet their immediate needs and help them succeed now and in the future.

School and Community Success - This is the core of IHI's youth program and involves partnering with classroom teachers and school staff, parents, and community organizations to improve the academic success and community engagement of resident youth. Learn more about this program and our success rates.

Read Desire's story to learn more about how Innovative Futures helps children succeed academically.

Free Summer Lunch and Activity Programs - IHI provides summer activities and serves healthy free lunches to residents and the public at each of our family sites. Read more and view photos of our 2013 Summer Lunches and Activities.

Annual School Supply Giveaway - Starting the school year off on the right note is important and sometimes required supplies can stretch a family's budget. To help relieve this burden, IHI contacts local schools, gets their school supplies list, and puts together a backpack of supplies for every school-aged child in our housing. Learn more and view photos of our Giveaway events!

Coats for Kids - In 2005 a resident contacted IHI to report that her neighbor's children were walking to school in the dead of winter without coats. IHI secured a donation to buy winter jackets for those children - and Coats for Kids was born! Now we fundraise each fall and distribute warm winter coats to every resident child who needs one. Thanks to our 2013 donors for their generous gifts

After School Activities - This includes weekly after-school homework support (either in a group setting or one-on-one) and academic enrichment activities. We also offer weekly youth activities in a fun and relaxed format. Once a month the activity is focused on empowerment and self-image, either through the creation of a self-portrait or an art project related to expressing the youth's personality (drawing their favorite meal, creating a dream house). Innovative Expressions provides resident youth with a safe and inclusive space to express themselves and build community. Completed Innovative Expressions projects are presented at a community-wide art show each spring. Learn more about Innovative Expressions and view some amazing art.

Youth Mentor Program - IHI staff meets with resident youth individually and in a group setting to discuss college opportunities, job readiness and volunteer work. Every month the group focuses on a new topic such as creating resumes, preparing for job interviews, volunteer opportunities, college scholarships, applications and personal statements. In an effort to expose students to educational and job opportunities, Resident Services staff also facilitate college tours and volunteer/internship opportunities for all participants. Read more about our Mentor Program and check out Miguel's story to learn how successful this program has been.

Workshops, Events, and Field Trips - IHI hosts a variety of workshops and events on-site. For example, we invite school principals and counselors to come out and welcome parents to school, encourage their participation in PTA, and talk to them about parent/teacher conferences. We host First AID/CPR trainings, Baby Sitter certification classes, and dinner celebrations before school events - then parents, children, and IHI staff all walk to the event together to encourage participation. We also take kids off-site to fun and educational locations such as the local library, Zenger Farm, and OMSI. View a photo album of youth engaging in workshops and enjoying various field trips.