Free Zumba Classes
The Oregon Food Bank (OFB) and IHI have been partners since 2008 when Hewitt Place became a site for Harvest Share, a monthly fresh food giveaway event. OFB recently received funding to bring Zumba classes to Harvest Share sites (in case you are wondering, Zumba is a dance/fitness class that blends upbeat world rhythms with easy-to-follow choreography for a total-body workout). OFB contacted IHI's Family Resident Services Manager, Emma Martinez, to see if she knew of any residents who would be interested in taking a Zumba instruction certification course and teaching free Zumba classes at Hewitt Place. Emma immediately thought of Amanda, whom she knew had an interest in teaching fitness classes.

Amanda completed her certification course and now offers free Zumba classes to residents at Hewitt Place. Thanks to a great partnership with the Oregon Food Bank, Amanda is living her dream as a Zumba instructor and IHI residents have access to a free, healthy, and fun exercise class where they live!