IHI Residents Share Their Stories
Nina is a grandmother taking care of her two grandchildren as well as two young adult children. Before moving into IHI housing, she was a domestic violence survivor and experienced years of housing instability. She also dedicated much of her time to advocating for services for her children and grandchildren. Charged with taking care of so many others, Nina realized that her own well being was being neglected, especially in the area of physical fitness. She began looking for a way for her family to become more physically active, so when she learned that IHI had a program to help families with physical fitness expenses, she signed up right away. IHI staff helped her complete a scholarship form for a local community center and then paid the remaining fee. Her family now swims in the pool together and she uses the bike in the fitness center. Nina reports that time at the pool together helps her bond with her grandchildren and it relieves stress from daily life. She is healthier and happier knowing she is taking care of herself!