What's New at IHI?
Resident Services Awarded $100,000 from Paul G. Allen Foundation
In December 2009, the Paul G. Allen Family Foundation awarded IHI's Resident Services Program $100,000 to help its residents maintain their housing stability during tough economic times. These funds allow IHI to provide direct assistance to families and individuals who are experiencing unexpected expenses or sudden losses of income. Using Allen funds, IHI has already helped 28 households remain stable. For instance, after being unemployed for several months, one single mother could not afford transportation to and from her new job until she received her first paycheck. IHI was able to purchase her first month's bus pass. The sole wage-earner of another family had lost his job and, because he was employed through a temp agency, did not qualify for unemployment benefits. IHI helped the family catch up on bills and connected them with long-term rent assistance. IHI is very excited to be able to offer this extra support to our residents. Many thanks to The Paul G. Allen Family Foundation!