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IHI Honored for Building Diversity
Each year, the Daily Journal of Commerce celebrates and examines diversity, equity and inclusion within the local building industry. Awards are given to select disadvantaged, minority-owned, woman-owned, combat-disabled veteran-owned and emerging small businesses certified through Oregon's Certification Office for Business Inclusion and Diversity, as well as their supporters.

Innovative Housing is proud to announce that the DCJ has selected IHI as one of its 2019 Building Diversity honorees for our support and utilization of DWMESB-SDV owned companies.

Equity is a high priority for IHI, in the context of our development work, who we house, and organizationally. Since IHI's board formally adopted an Equity Plan for the organization in December 2012, IHI has measured its equity achievements against specific goals and outcomes across our portfolio, in our development work, and within our board and staff. IHI's Equity Plan mandates action items to ensure inclusion, proactive outreach, and cultural competency across our organization and all lines of our business, including housing development, resident services, and property operations. The Equity Plan is a living document that we continue to work on and improve.

IHI's commitment to equity is fully integrated into our development work and our DMWESB record speaks for itself - we have consistently exceeded 30% MWESB utilization rates on the majority of our projects. When it comes to creating economic opportunities through development, IHI succeeds because we set ambitious equity goals and then work closely with our development team to meet those commitments. Between 2008 and 2011, IHI's aggregated MWESB participation rate for four projects completed in partnership with the City of Portland was 31.24% (based on total contracting dollars divided by the basis for MWESB goals). More recently, The Magnolia Apartments, completed in 2013, achieved an MWESB utilization rate of 35% (22% MBE), not including second tier subs or the work of our minority-owned Co-General Contractor (Faison Construction). In 2015, IHI completed The Erickson Fritz Apartments and achieved an MWESB utilization rate of 42%. At NW 14th/Raleigh, we achieved 71% MEPFS design build participation, and 20% overall participation. At Magnolia Phase 2, which is currently under construction, we secured 100% MEP participation and expect to achieve 31% overall COBID* subcontractor participation.

*COBID designation means a firm has been certified by Oregon's Certification Office for Business Inclusion and Diversity as a minority-owned, women-owned, and service-disabled veteran-owned business or emerging small businesses.

You can read more about the DJC's event and the 2019 Building Diversity Award at: https://djcoregon.com/news/2019/07/29/2019-building-diversity-award-winners-named/.